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Sticks for chocolate-covered fruits

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We produce sticks with a rough texture, which ensures that the fruit holds well on the stick. See why our wooden sticks are the key to perfect chocolate-covered fruit at any party!

Wooden sticks for chocolate-covered fruit

Wooden chocolate-covered fruit sticks are not only a decorative element, but also a practical tool that makes it easy to serve and eat these delicious snacks. Thanks to the solid construction of the wood, our sticks provide stability, allowing you to prick the fruit freely without worrying about it falling apart.

See for yourself why you should choose wooden chocolate-covered fruit sticks.

Ecological approach

Our wooden sticks are an environmentally friendly choice. Their biodegradability makes them an excellent choice for those who want to take care of the planet by avoiding plastic alternatives.

Stability and durability

Thanks to the solid construction of the wooden sticks, you can freely prick a variety of fruits without worrying about them falling apart. This guarantees not only a perfect taste experience, but also an aesthetically pleasing presentation for guests.

The elegance of natural wood

The natural look of the wood adds charm and elegance to the fruits on display. Combining the natural aesthetics of wood with colorful fruit and chocolate creates a striking and appetizing presentation on the table.

Lightweight and ergonomic to use

Our wooden sticks are not only lightweight and easy to use, but also comfortable to hold. They provide casual dining, which is sure to be appreciated by guests at outdoor events, weddings and other celebrations.

Waffle sticks – available dimensions

We can produce any size of sticks.

The most common dimensions:

  • 24 cm/3,2 mm,
  • 24 cm/4 mm,
  • 14 cm/8 mm,
  • 14 cm/10 mm.

Order chocolate-covered fruit sticks and prepare a unique dessert

Don’t wait any longer – order our chocolate-covered fruit sticks today and enjoy the unparalleled taste and aroma. Choose eco-friendly, stable and aesthetically pleasing wooden chocolate-covered fruit sticks and make your party unforgettable!