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Skewer sticks

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Transform your dishes into real culinary works of art with high-quality skewer sticks. As a manufacturer, we offer not only sturdy and reliable skewer sticks, but also an unforgettable taste experience for your customers!

Skewer sticks – the perfect choice for true connoisseurs of taste

While sausage remains a barbecue classic, more and more people are looking for more elaborate dishes, such as skewers. Their popularity is due to the wealth of possibilities – skewers can be created with a variety of ingredients, creating unique flavor combinations that delight the palate. However, it’s impossible to prepare skewers without the right sticks, so it’s a good idea to stock up on them before hosting a party.

Long skewer sticks

Our long skewer sticks allow you to create real culinary masterpieces. Because they are longer than traditional skewer sticks, they provide more room for adding your favorite ingredients, allowing you to create skewers that will delight even the most discerning guests.

The sticks made of durable wood provide stability during grilling. Whether you are grilling delicate vegetables or juicy cuts of meat, you can be sure that our sticks will keep them in place.

Wooden skewer sticks

We offer eco-friendly skewer sticks for wholesalers, grocery stores, restaurants and other food service outlets. Our sticks are made of the highest quality wood, which guarantees their durability even when grilled at the highest temperatures. Thanks to them, your skewers will hold perfectly, looking extremely appetizing.

Our skewer sticks reach customers from all over Poland and Europe. We provide the highest quality product. As a manufacturer of skewer sticks, we guarantee that our products are splinter-free, tasteless and odorless. We make them from 100% beech wood, which will make your barbecue delicacies taste even better.

Sticks for skewers – available dimensions

Our skewer sticks are available in different lengths, and thus allow you to adapt to any type of dish and cook’s preferences. Whether you’re grilling small pieces of vegetables or large cuts of meat, we have the sticks perfect for you.

We can also make skewer sticks of any length.

Najpopularniejsze rozmiary:

  • Diameter – 2 mm – 5 mm
  • Length – 7 cm – 60 cm