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Balloon sticks

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Balloon sticks are items that are used to create balloon decorations. With them, we can create a variety of forms and arrangements, adding height and three-dimensionality to our designs. Balloon sticks are especially appreciated by organizers of parties and events – they make work easier and provide a great presentation of balloons.

Opt for durable balloon sticks to guarantee the stability of the balloon structure at your event. Sprawdź naszą ofertę. We also sell eco-friendly accessories – plugs and balloon baskets.

Plastic balloon sticks

Plastic balloon sticks made of high quality plastic are an indispensable part of party decorations. These allow the balloons to be comfortably held and attached, ensuring the structural soundness of the inflatable decoration. These lightweight and durable sticks are perfect for both decorating tables and creating a variety of balloon decorations.

Eco-friendly wood balloon sticks

The use of eco-friendly wood balloon sticks is a great way to reduce plastic consumption and take care of the environment. Wood is a monolith, that is, an extremely strong material, which makes such sticks not only environmentally friendly, but also practical and durable.

By choosing green products, we support the idea of sustainable development and show our concern for future generations. Make your event more eco-friendly!

Balloon sticks – available dimensions:

We produce balloon sticks in dimensions:

  • 30 cm/4 mm,
  • 39 cm/4 mm,
  • 39 cm/ 5mm.

We also make available the possibility of individual orders – from 10 cm to 60 cm, diameters from 4 mm to 6 mm. Thanks to the variety of available sizes and thicknesses of the sticks, you have full control over the final effect.

Wooden and plastic balloon sticks

Inflatable decorations are a great solution recommended for various occasions, such as birthdays, weddings and themed parties, especially when the guests are also children. Balloons on sticks are also a great way for companies to use balloons for promotional purposes. Personalized decorations with balloons are sure to attract attention.

Customized balloon sticks are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create original balloon decorations to fit their needs. Zachęcamy do skorzystania z naszej oferty.