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Twisted potato sticks

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Our unique wooden sticks made of premium beech wood are ideal for making a variety of snacks such as French fries on a stick, twisted potatoes and Twister Chips. Thanks to careful processing, each stick is carefully ground, which guarantees a smooth surface and an aesthetic finish.

Sticks for a twisted potato

Our twisted potato sticks are made of high quality wood, which ensures durability and reliability during their use. The sturdy construction ensures that your twisted potatoes will stay firmly on the stick.

We produce sharpened and unsharpened sticks in sizes:

  • Small fry – 30 cm/4 mm and 35 cm/4 mm
  • Small fry – 30 cm/4 mm and 35 cm/4 mm
  • Large fry – 45 cm/5 mm and 47 cm/5 mm
  • Fry XL – 50 cm/5 mm and 53 cm/5 mm
  • Fry XXL – 60 cm/5 mm and 60 cm/6 mm
  • Fryer XXXL – 70 cm/5 mm and 80 cm/5 mm

Twisted potato sticks

Our twisted potato sticks are made of high-quality materials that meet the highest food safety standards. This way you can be sure that you are offering your customers products that are not only delicious, but also safe for consumption.

Sticks for a twisted fritter

Twisted fry sticks made of beech wood are the perfect tool for cooks looking for high quality and aesthetic products. When you choose our beech wood twisted fryer sticks, you are opting for a product that will not only meet your expectations in terms of functionality and safety, but also enrich the appearance of your dishes.

With a practical skewer on one side, the twisted fries sticks become extremely easy to use, allowing you to wrap the potatoes freely. Their certificate of approval from the PZHW ensures the highest quality and safety, making them an excellent choice for restaurants, food trucks and home cooks alike.