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Nail sticks For In the fight for the perfect manicure, cutters, routers and files are indispensable tools, but durable nail sticks are like a secret weapon waiting for the right moment.Manicure This small but powerful tool can work wonders. With our cuticle remover sticks, your hairstyles will look aesthetically pleasing and modern, which your clients will surely appreciate!

Nail sticks

Why choose our wooden manicure sticks?

  • Excellent quality materials – our manicure sticks are made from the highest quality wood, which guarantees durability, strength and precision when using them. Thus, you can be sure that our products do not delaminate during operation and do their job perfectly.
  • Safety and comfort – our wooden chopsticks are gentle on the cuticles and nails. Their ergonomic shape ensures comfort of use, even during prolonged manicure or pedicure treatments.
  • Versatility of use– manicure sticks are versatile and can be used for a variety of tasks during nail care, such as removing cuticles, correcting imperfections or applying small decorations.
  • Professional advice and customer service – we provide assistance and expert advice on any issue related to our products. Our experienced team is always at your service to ensure your comprehensive service and satisfaction with your purchase.
  • Competitive prices and fast delivery – we offer attractive wholesale prices so that you can buy wooden sticks at an attractive price. With fast delivery, you can be sure that your order will arrive on time.

Wooden sticks for manicure and pedicure

In our nail sticks you will find two different tips – a narrow one with a conical shape and a wide, flat one cut at an angle. This versatile tool will make many nail care tasks easier.

The narrow tip is ideal for precision touch-ups in manicures and pedicures, cleaning the area under the nail and creating decorations. Thanks to its conical shape, drawing patterns or applying decorations becomes easier and faster.

The wide, flat tip, on the other hand, is perfect for pushing back cuticles and removing delicate skins, without having to mechanically cut them, which can stimulate their growth. It is also indispensable when removing polish for hybrid, acrylic or gel manicures and pedicures.

Our wooden nail sticks are not only functional, but also hygienic. They should be used once, ensuring maximum safety and hygiene in beauty salons.

Wooden nail sticks

We provide nail sticks that are made of the highest quality wood, which guarantees durability, strength and precision during their use. They are safe for the surface of the nails and the skin around them, and their ergonomic shape allows you to work comfortably and conveniently while performing manicure or pedicure treatments.

The most popular sizes are: 9cm, 12cm and 16cm.

Wooden sticks for pushing back cuticles

Manicure sticks are invaluable when preparing the nail plate before applying polish. They can easily help you remove cuticles or get rid of imperfections around your nails. They can easily help you remove cuticles or get rid of imperfections around your nails.

Wooden sticks to suit your business needs

Every beauty salon has its own unique needs, so we offer the ability to customize our manicure sticks for your requirements. Our experienced team is here to help you through every step of the process, ensuring your professional advice and satisfaction. Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us!