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Counting sticks – your secret weapon in learning math! These small, colorful wood sticks have the amazing power to transform an ordinary lesson into an exciting adventure. They make abstract concepts more accessible and manipulate them to experiment and consolidate math learning. Regardless of age or learning style, counting sticks are a versatile tool to help develop math skills and creative thinking. Sprawdź naszą ofertę.

How do the counting sticks work?


The colorful counting sticks provide a visual representation of numerical values, making it easier to understand abstract math concepts.


By manipulating the sticks, students can experiment with different combinations, which helps solidify mathematical concepts.


Using sticks to count can be a fun and interactive form of learning that engages students at every stage of the process.

Advantages of counting sticks:

  • make it easier to understand abstract mathematical concepts – with counting sticks, math becomes more accessible and understandable.
  • support a variety of learning styles – whether someone is a visual, kinesthetic or auditory learner, counting sticks can be an effective tool for everyone.
  • develop skills – experimenting with counting sticks can help students develop logical thinking skills.
  • motivate students – such an interactive way of counting makes learning math more interesting and engaging.

How to use the counting sticks?

  1. Start with the basics
    Teach pupils basic maths concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using counting sticks.
  2. Allow for experimentation
    Encourage pupils to create their own combinations and experiment with different ways of using counting sticks.
  3. Use them in games
    Counting sticks are perfect for use in maths games and play. Dzięki temu nauka będzie jeszcze bardziej interaktywna i przyjemna.
  4. Monitor progress
    Observe how pupils are getting on with using counting sticks and adapt your approach according to their needs and progress.

Sticks for teaching counting to different age groups

  • For preschool children – counting sticks can be used to teach basic math concepts such as counting, distinguishing numbers and forming logical thinking skills.
  • For elementary school students – the colorful counting sticks can be used to teach more advanced math concepts, such as fractions, percentages and geometry.
  • For older students – counting sticks can be used as a tool for developing algebraic skills such as equations and inequalities, as well as for more advanced mathematical topics.
  1. Are counting sticks suitable for all children?
    Yes, counting sticks are suitable for children of different ages and learning styles. They can be tailored to the individual needs and skills of the student.
  2. Can using counting sticks slow down maths learning?
    No, on the contrary! Counting sticks can accelerate math learning because students can better understand abstract concepts by manipulating physical objects.
  3. How often should I use counting sticks when learning maths?
    The frequency of use of counting sticks depends on the individual needs and progress of the student. You can use them regularly as part of a math lesson or when students are having difficulty understanding specific concepts.

Counting sticks are an invaluable tool in learning math for students of all ages and skill levels. Their visual, manipulative and interactive nature makes learning math easier, more interesting and engaging. With the counting sticks, students can explore the world of mathematics in a creative and fun way while developing their skills and confidence. Take advantage of our offer today and order wooden counting sticks.