Candyfloss sticks

Rough candyfloss sticks. The surface of our sticks is slightly rough so that the candyfloss adheres perfectly to the sticks and the candy floss production is easier.
All our sticks are very durable and do not break.
We have sizes such as:
Small candyfloss sticks 20cm/4mm
Medium candyfloss sticks 30cm/4mm
Large candyfloss sticks 40cm/4mm
Candyfloss Xl sticks 47cm/5mm
Candyfloss XXL sticks 53cm/5mm

What is candy floss? It is a fine string of sugar that is rolled onto a wooden stick. The first candyfloss machine was developed in 1899. At that time, John C. Wharton and William Morrison applied for a patent.
Would you like to enjoy ready-to-eat candyfloss? Special wooden sticks are required for this. Our company only produces candyfloss sticks from beech wood.
We recommend our environmentally friendly candy floss sticks to wholesalers, food shops or individual consumers. As a manufacturer of candyfloss sticks, we make sure that our products are splinter-free and neutral in taste and smell. Made from 100% beech wood.
Our candyfloss sticks reach customers from all over Poland and Europe. We offer products of the highest quality.

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