Skewer sticks

Our company provides organic sticks for wholesalers, grocery shops or restaurants and other catering businesses.
We produce the sticks in the sizes specified by the customer. We adapt to the requirements of our customers.
Dimensions: 2mm 2.5mm 3.2mm 3.5mm 3.7mm 3.8mm 4mm, 5mm and many more. Lengths from 7cm to 60cm
From the smallest to the largest sticks.
We can produce sticks of any length. Our sticks are distributed throughout Poland and Europe. We offer a product of the highest quality. As a manufacturer of sticks, we ensure that our products are splinter-, taste- and odour-free. They are made of 100% beech wood, so that the delicacies from the grill taste even better, because who of us doesn't like to grill? At the lake, by the river, on the terrace or in the garden?
Poles prefer to spend their free time barbecuing with family or friends. A very common delicacy on the grill is shashlik, or: a dish consisting of pieces of meat put on skewers or sticks and placed on the grill. The recipes are very varied. Depending on who likes what, there is meat (sausage, chicken, bacon) alternating with vegetables (peppers, onions, etc.) pulled onto the stick.

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