Flag sticks

Our flagpoles are 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable, as they are made of high-quality wood. Ecology is not just a trend for us, but a way of life, and has been for decades. The wooden stick is characterised by its high durability and aesthetics and is naturally biodegradable.
The standard dimensions are: 30cm/4mm 38cm/4mm. 40cm/5mm 50cm/5mm 60cm/6mm
 Wooden sticks have their plastic counterparts with a diameter of 5mm. The main difference between wooden and plastic sticks is the way they are made.
The wooden stick is filled on the inside, which affects durability, while the plastic stick is hollow. The second most common size is 38 cm/5 mm. Other sizes are also available depending on the dimensions of the flag. The height of the sticks can range from 20 cm to 120 cm, while the diameter ranges from 3.2 mm to 16 mm.

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