About us

Welcome to our website. Our company, whose origins date back to 1890, manufactures a wide range of wood products.
Due to the dynamic development of the market, increased requirements and expectations of customers, the company was extensively modernised in 2008. At the beginning of our activity, we produced round sticks for candyfloss and lollipops, but over time we expanded our product range to include sticks made of several types of wood, including beech, spruce and hornbeam. Since then, our company has continuously developed its range.

Currently we produce sticks for:

  • candyfloss
  • shashlik and kebab
  • manicure
  • pennants
  • flags
  • meat products, so-called meat sticks
  • flowers
  • for potatoes, so-called: curly fries
  • ice cream
  • lollipops
  • toothpicks
  • components used in the furniture industry, e.g. furniture pegs

Our products are used in many industries, including the food industry, the furniture industry, horticulture and everyday life.
The food industry is inextricably linked to compliance with numerous requirements, including those of the State Hygiene Inspectorate and the Polish Hygiene Association. WE MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS!
We hold the PZH (Polish National Institute of Hygiene) certificate for our entire product range.
Our products are manufactured to the highest quality using the latest technology and machines of English and German origin. 

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